The Ultimate Android Lock Screen

GOTO lock screen is fast. It lets you stay on top of your text messages,
missed calls, and Gmail notifications all with a simple slide

Uniquely Android

GOTO features a beautiful interface with a custom look

and feel. An Android lock screen designed to be easy to use, responsive, and

easy on the eyes.


Simplify your smartphone with GOTO Android lock screen. It removes

unnecessary steps between you and your information

because those steps are... unnecessary.

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  • Beautiful and unique lockscreen interface designed to complement your Android phone.
  • Location based weather is displayed right on the lock screen.
  • Gives you quick previews of notifications (text message (SMS), missed calls, Gmail).
  • Ringer mode control lets you change your ringer to normal, vibrate, silent.
  • Easy to use shortcuts let you jump right into each application (text messaging, call log, Gmail).
  • Works with the built-in screen unlock pattern security feature on your phone.


GOTO Lockscreen in the Android Marketplace.

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GOTO Lockscreen Updates

Updates, if any, are usually released by the end of the day on a Sunday (PST) as needed and incorporate user feedback, bug fixes, and suggestions. Click below for information on our latest release as well as previous releases.


Please visit our support forum and community to suggest features, report bugs, or ask any questions that are not covered in our FAQ.

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GOTO is Now Featured in the Android Marketplace

GOTO Featured in Android MarketGOTO Featured in Android Market

GOTO reviewed in APPS Review Guide for Android

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  • More background customization features.
  • Localization and launch outside of the U.S.